Soho Boutique Fireplace Surround


As the name implies, The Soho Boutique Fireplace Surround is smaller in scale, yet its clean lines imply a sense of luxury and timeless style. Paired with the linear form of Eldorado Stone’s Birch LedgeCut33™ the combination creates a perfect match.

The Soho Boutique Fireplace Surround ships complete with the following contents:

  • Stone Mantel & Legs
  • Ledger Board & Screws for Easy Install
  • 3 Trim Panels with “matching color/finish”
  • Large Tube of Color-Matched Caulking
  • 3 oz Bottle of Color Wash for Touch-Ups
  • Large Tube of Adhesive
  • Shims
  • Each Surround Ships Pre-Seal

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Aged Teak Honed, Aged Teak Travertine, Black Sand Honed, Black Sand Travertine, Oak Barrel Honed, Oak Barrel Travertine, Oyster Shell Honed, Oyster Shell Travertine

Soho Boutique Dimensions