Valentina Fireplace Surround

Ciao! The Valentina Fire Surround will invite a sense of rustic Italian charm into any home. The robust 13″ deep mantel paired with two gently sloping pilasters complete its bold presence shown in Oak Barrel Travertine colour. Eldorado Fireplace Surrounds are designed to represent various types of natural limestone in either Honed (smooth) or Travertine (textured) surface. Four designer colours enhance the authentic character and attributes of natural stone including Aged Teak, Black Sand, Oak Barrel and Oyster Shell. Size: 66.5” width.

Everything’s included: Stone mantel & legs, Ledger Board & Screws for easy install, three trim panels with matching color/finish, Colour-Matched Caulking (1), Large tube of adhesive, 3 oz. bottle of colour wash for touch-ups, and shims. Ships pre-sealed.

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