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Brick Arch Design: Understanding the Fundamentals

Make a list of the world’s most iconic architecture and you’ll find a recurring theme. The brick arch. A brick arch is a timeless architectural feature. Explore the history of the arch, along with practical tips for planning and building brick arches today.

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Transform Your Backyard with an Outdoor Stone Fireplace

Imagine your backyard not just as a space but as a year-round destination, a place where each season brings its own unique charm, thanks in part to the elegance of an outdoor stone fireplace. Create an ambiance of sophistication and togetherness for both sprawling landscapes or cozy nooks alike.

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EIFS vs Brick: Which Is Better?

Should you use EIFS or brick in your next construction project? Discover the pros and cons of each, as well as where to find high-quality materials and expert advice on cladding.

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