Full Brick

What Is Full Brick?

Full brick, also known as full-bed brick, is the traditional unit of solid brick masonry. This is one of the simplest and most enduring forms of construction. It involves laying bricks in rows, joined by mortar. The result is solid, lasting structures that are fire-resistant, sound-reducing, and energy-efficient.

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While the upfront cost of building with full brick may be higher than building with materials like wood or concrete, so is the ROI. Brick buildings last for generations with minimal maintenance. They also have a distinctive appeal that is always in high demand and never goes out of style.

Why Use Full Brick?

It is a timeless material with fantastic curb appeal. It’s also an increasingly rare and unique selling point for new builds and upgraded properties.

It holds up to extreme weather and everyday damage, lasting for decades and even centuries.

Energy Efficient
It provides excellent insulation and year-round savings on the cost of heating and cooling.

It is naturally fire-resistant and improves the overall safety of a structure.

Sound Reduction
It is an efficient sound barrier, creating a calm and quiet setting.

Easy Maintenance
It requires very little day-to-day maintenance and retains its beauty year after year.

Full Brick Types


Explore premium brick veneer options from trusted brands:
H.C. Muddox
Interstate Brick
Hebron Brick
Palmetto Brick
Shaw Brick

Colours, Styles, and Textures

Red brick is, of course, the classic colour option. But modern full-bed brick also comes in a spectrum of colours and textures. Here are a few to consider.

  • Red, Pinks, and Oranges
    Add a touch of cozy charm with warm tones like Glen-Gery’s Apricot Rose Glazed or Hebron Brick’s Cherry Creek.
  • Blues, Greens, and Golds
    Go for a subtle (or striking) pop of colour with options like Glen-Gery’s Arctic Mist Klaycoat and Battleship Klaycoat, or Hebron Brick’s Champagne.
  • Blacks, Whites, and Greys
    Nothing says sophistication like a timeless neutral, such as Interstate Brick’s Almond or Arctic White.
  • Textures
    Textures add even more character and visual intrigue. Like the detailed effect of Hebron Brick’s Slate Gray or the old-world look of Shiloh.

Explore our design inspiration page for more ideas.

Full Brick Application

Interior or exterior. Minor upgrade or major overhaul. Whatever your project, full brick makes a wonderful addition. However, creating professional results with full brick requires expertise. After all, full-bed brick pulls double duty as both a visual element and supporting structure. So it’s crucial to understand good construction practices, such as: 

  • Avoiding Water Penetration
    Brick buildings require drainage systems as well as air space, flashings, and weep holes.
  • Avoiding Cracks in the Brickwork
    Keeping bricks clean and intact requires building in movement joints and selecting the right sealants.

If you’re just starting out or need a refresher on building with brick, we can help. All of the products we carry come with extensive technical information and installation guides. Or just ask one of our friendly experts.

Why Choose I-XL Building Products

At I-XL, we understand that a successful building project is more than just supplying the right materials. We provide the expertise and advice to help build your vision and bring it to life. We offer a wide range of brick and stone products and work with you as your partner to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget. With our knowledgeable staff, extensive product selection, and reliable customer service, I-XL is here to help you every step of the way in achieving your dreams for your building projects.

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