Structural Brick

What Is Structural Brick?

Structural brick is a type of full-bed brick used in reinforced masonry. It functions as both a supporting structure and a design element. Because of this dual purpose, structural brick buildings often go up more quickly than ones built using other methods, which may require both load-bearing support walls and aesthetic finishing walls on the interior or exterior or both.

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Once they’re up, structural brick buildings also offer year-round savings on heating and cooling costs. They are energy-efficient, offering natural insulation that keeps interiors cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Featuring the beauty of traditional brick masonry, these buildings also have enduring charm and appeal that is always in high demand. Overall, structural brick is an investment in quality that pays for itself many times over.

Crafting structural brick is a multi-step process. First, natural clay or shale is collected, crushed, and mixed with water and other materials. Then, the resulting mixture is pressed, molded, dried, and fired over several days. Each brick unit is carefully crafted for strength and durability. The result is a truly versatile material with incredible benefits.

Why Use Structural Brick? 

It features the iconic beauty of traditional brick masonry, creating distinctive and stunning structures that hold their value over time.

It is one the strongest and sturdiest construction materials on the market. It holds up to the most extreme weather, including earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and tsunamis. It also resists the slow erosion of time and everyday damage, lasting for decades and even centuries.

Energy Efficient 
It provides superior insulation and year-round savings on cooling and heating costs.

It is naturally fire-resistant and improves the overall safety of a structure.

Sound Reduction
It provides an effective sound barrier, creating a calm and peaceful environment.

Simple Maintenance 
It requires very little upkeep and retains its beauty year after year.

Structural Brick Types


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Colours, Styles, and Textures

Structural brick is available in different styles and sizes to suit a variety of project requirements and design aesthetics.

Choose from beautiful neutrals like Almond, Ash, and Arctic White, as well as classic warm tones like Ironstone, Mountain Red, and Terra Cotta.

Explore our design inspiration page for more ideas.

Structural Brick Application

Because of its incredible strength, endurance, and visual appeal, structural brick is ideal for every kind of project. Interior and exterior. Small scale and large scale.

Structural brick is also a fantastic choice for privacy walls and entrance walls. It’s also a highly effective sound barrier, creating quiet, well-insulated spaces suitable for many different purposes. In utility structures such as barns, storage facilities, and warehouses, structural brick can act as a load-bearing wall, exterior wall, and interior wall. This saves on material costs and construction time. It also provides a stunning visual continuity between indoors and outdoors.

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