Thin Brick

The Ultimate Guide to Using Thin Brick for Both Outdoor and Indoor Projects

Thin brick, crafted from the same high-quality material as full-bed brick, offers a slimmer alternative, usually around two centimetres thick. Available in a variety of styles and colours, thin brick is ready to be applied to any surface using adhesive, making it a versatile option for numerous applications.

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Can thin brick be used both outdoors and indoors? Absolutely. Thin brick’s durability and adaptability make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from creating beautiful outdoor living spaces to enhancing interior design elements. Its lightweight nature allows for easy installation on various surfaces, ensuring a seamless blend with existing architectural features. Whether you’re aiming for a rustic exterior or a contemporary interior, thin brick provides the flexibility to achieve your desired look with ease.

Why Use Thin Brick for Your Projects?

Sturdy and Durable
Thin brick is sturdy and durable. With minimal maintenance, it can endure for decades, withstanding various weather conditions like rain, snow, and heat, as well as everyday household spills and mishaps. Whatever the situation, thin brick maintains its aesthetic appeal year after year.

Thin brick is lightweight. Due to its slim profile, it is much lighter than full-bed brick, making it easier to transport and handle. Additionally, it doesn’t add extra stress to the walls and foundation of your property.

The true charm of thin brick lies in its versatility. Whether used as a subtle design accent or a major architectural feature, thin brick can significantly enhance the look and feel of your property.

Creative Uses for Thin Brick

Thin brick can be used to enhance outdoor and indoor spaces in various ways, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Thin brick can be used to enhance outdoor spaces in various ways. Create the perfect setting for meals, gatherings, and cozy evenings under the stars with thin brick in outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. Transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis for family, friends, and pets by incorporating thin brick into patios. Make your entryway a welcoming and memorable experience with thin brick on porches. Turn basic structural elements into defining architectural features with thin brick on exposed foundation walls.


Inside the home, thin brick offers many exciting design possibilities. Create a stunning visual focal point in any room with thin brick accent walls. Add texture and personality to the heart of your home with thin brick kitchen backsplashes. Make your living areas inviting places to gather and unwind by using thin brick on hearths.

Find Thin Brick Types for Every Project

For every project, preference, and price point, a range of thin brick options are available. Traditional tones offer the classic look of brick without the hassle and expense of traditional brick masonry. Reds and oranges provide a timeless appeal, while neutral tones add sophistication that never goes out of style.

Texture also plays a significant role in the aesthetic impact of thin brick. From smooth and uniform to mottled and distressed, textures can mimic the look of existing features and blend seamlessly with the surrounding area. Consider adding a retro or historical flourish with innovative thin brick options that evoke beloved architectural styles.

For more inspiration, check out our Design Inspiration page.

Tips for Expert Thin Brick Application

When applying thin brick, attention to detail is crucial. Ensure you’ve checked all the boxes before starting your project.

First, check with local authorities to ensure compliance with height ordinances and water drainage regulations. If working with a professional designer or builder, ensure the thin brick products selected are appropriate for the project specifications and intended use. Additionally, in regions with freeze-and-thaw conditions, choose an adhesive mortar that can withstand the elements.

For more detailed guidance, refer to The Brick Industry Association’s Technical Guide. It provides a great overview and insider info that will help both beginners and experienced builders create beautiful, professional results.

Why Choose I-XL for Your Thin Brick

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