King Klinker Thin Brick

Redefine spaces with King Klinker thin brick, where innovation meets elegance to elevate architectural standards.
Established in 2013, King Klinker has redefined the standards of thin brick manufacturing with its technologically advanced production line, integrating cutting-edge machinery and embracing top-tier masonry innovation. King Klinker thin brick stands out for their diverse range of colours, textures, and sizes, featuring an extraordinary 20″ length option, each crafted to inspire and transform any architectural project.

King Klinker Brick Sizes

Modular Norman American Imperial
Height: 2.25″ Height: 2.25″ Height: 2.25″
Length: 7.625″ Length: 11.625″ Length: 19.625″
Thickness: 0.5625″ Thickness: 0.5625″ Thickness: 0.5625″
Short Return: 3.625″ Short Return: 3.625″ Short Return: 4.625″
Long Return: 7.625″ Long Return: 7.625″ Long Return: 9.625″
Corner Height: 2.25″ Corner Height: 2.25″ Corner Height: 2.25″

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