Whitestone Wirecut

Manufactured by Palmetto Brick, the Whitestone Wirecut is made to precise specifications and offers a clean, crisp look that can enhance any building project.

The Whitestone Wirecut is a versatile white brick that is easy to install, highly stable, durable, and used for exterior and interior applications.

Full Brick Sizes
Modular, Utility

Thin Brick Sizes

Branch Location

Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg

Full Brick Sizes
Modular Utility
Height: 2.25″ Height: 3.625″
Length: 7.625″ Length: 11.625″
Thickness: 3.625″ Thickness: 3.625″
Thin Brick Sizes
Height: 2.25″
Length: 7.625″
Thickness: 3.625″
Short Return: 3.625″
Long Return: 7.625″
Corner Height: 2.25″

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