Brick Lath With Rainscreen

Speedymason Brick Lath is a thin brick installation system specifically designed for exterior application and is the only panel system that uses a full bed of mortar behind the brick. With Speedymason Brick Lath, thin brick can be installed up to 2-3 times faster than traditional wire or thin brick panel systems. Brick Lath With Rainscreen comes in 16″ x 48″ composite panels with rainscreen already attached on the back. Panels fit Modular, Norman, Queen, King, Utility, Closure and Triple (8″ x 8″) sized thin brick. The integrated brick guides not only make brick placement easier, but also keeps brick level, providing a quality finish. Apply over air and water barrier to create a complete drainage system. Stone Lath With Rainscreen allows drainage and ventilation to exterior walls and works great in areas with high rainfall or wind-driven rain.

For interior or exterior use.

Height: 16″
Length: 48″

Branch Location

Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg

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