How To Choose Thin Stone Veneer for Your Interior Stone Wall

Transform the look and feel of your interior walls with thin stone veneer. Get tips on selecting the right texture, colour, and pattern for your project.

If you want to make a statement with a feature wall, a fireplace surround, or a backsplash, you can’t go wrong with stone. Interior designers, architects, masonry installers, and DIYers alike love stone for its timelessness and versatility. 

For most residential and commercial interior walls, thin stone veneer is an ideal choice. It’s less expensive and lightweight compared to full-bed stone, which makes it easier to install as well as easier on your budget. It also comes in several different textures and shades, so you never have to worry about trading your aesthetic for economy. 

Not every type of stone will look best in your home, however. To help you choose the right thin stone veneer to complement your interior design goals, here are some guidelines to follow during your search.  

Choosing Thin Stone Veneer for an Interior Wall

When picking out thin stone veneer, the most important factors to consider are the texture and shade of the stone itself.  

You’d be surprised by how influential those two characteristics are. Not only do they affect how light or dark stone veneer appears, but they also dictate whether it stands out or blends into the background of your interior design. 

Let’s go into more detail about each characteristic, so that you know exactly what to look for. 


Have you ever touched different types of stone? If so, then you’ve noticed how each one feels unique on your skin. It may feel raised, flat, smooth, or rough. 

Stone texture affects interior design beyond how it feels on your skin. Its biggest impact is in how light and shadows alter depending on the surface they interact with.  

For example, when light hits our limestone-inspired Casa Blanca RoughtCut veneer, you see every dip and rise in each individual stone. Meanwhile, our Oyster Cut Coarse Stone varies in height as well as texture, so the shadows it makes are more pronounced. 

Another example of the power of texture is Shore Breeze Rivenwood. Some of the creamy white stone in this veneer jut out or sit back further than the others. The result is a mesmerizing play on dark and light when the sun or artificial light shines on it. 

The surface of Shore Breeze Ravenwood has all the visual characteristics of wood grain. So, even though the material is stone, it evokes the craftsmanship and rustic quality of wood. 

Whichever stone you choose, consider textures that will complement your interior design aesthetic as well as achieve the play of light and shadows that you desire. 


Shade can mean the difference between the stone veneer standing out as a feature wall or fading into a subtly beautiful background.  

The Casa Blanca RoughCut, for example, is muted beige, so it works beautifully as a subtle background that is still more interesting and craftsman than paint. Shore Breeze Rivenwood, on the other hand, is white and bright and looks right at home on a feature wall or as backsplash. 

When choosing the shade of your stone, consider how light or dark you want it to be, and how you want it to interact with the rest of the room.  

Grout Selection

Grout comes in different colours and textures, as well. They can also be applied in different quantities. 

For example, the Oyster Cut Coarse Stone is installed without visible lines of grout between the individual stones. The result is a more natural, roughspun look. The Casa Blanca RoughCut stone, on the other hand, looks best with a lot of grout. This application style eliminates gaps and makes the surface look softer.

Keep in mind that the colour, texture, and application of your grout can change the appearance of your interior stone wall. Go through all the options carefully and compare them to samples of your stone veneer. Eventually, you’ll find grout that complements both the stone and your aesthetic. 

Interior Stone Wall Inspiration

Before you settle on a stone veneer, it may inspire you to see how other interior designers have incorporated veneer into their projects.  

The I-XL Residential Gallery showcases some of the most stunning applications of our products. There, you’ll see how stone looks equally beautiful as the focal point of a room, an accent wall, or a neutral backdrop. 

Find Quality Thin Stone Veneer for Your Interior Wall at I-XL

Once you decide on the perfect texture and shade of thin stone veneer, the last step is to contact the experts who can supply it for you. 

At I-XL, we offer a range of quality thin stone veneer for interior walls that will take your design project to the next level in taste and beauty. Reach out to us today to request a free quote. 

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