Colorado River Rock

Colorado River Rock — a full-sized manufactured stone with sizes up to 15″ — is meticulously re-created to capture the essence of a river rock with its characteristic shapes and deep naturally rounded stones. Colorado River Rock stones are individually selected for their distinct irregularity and unique textural nuances water-worn into the surface.

Stocking in

Calgary, Winnipeg


Eldorado Stone


Browns & Tans, Burgundies & Reds, Golds & Buffs, Whites & Creams


Rustic, Traditional



Short Return

1.5" – 5.25"

Long Return

1.75" – 8.5"

Corner Height

1.5" – 12"

Eldorado Stone Technical Data Sheet

Eldorado Stone SDS

Manufactured Stone Veneer Installation Guide

Eldorado Stone Care & Maintenance

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