Shasta Mountain Ledge

Shasta Mountain Ledge Panels are shaped like Eldorado’s Mountain Ledge stones but they are precast as a panel system to facilitate ease of installation where larger stones are needed for a greater expanse or height. Available in blends of silver, auburn and sage, the 8″ to 20″ long panels retain the appearance and precision of individual Mountain Ledge stones hand-laid and dry-stacked together. Manufactured by Eldorado Stone, Shasta Mountain Ledge is available in flats and corners.

Height: 1″ – 4″
Length: 3.5″ – 19″
Thickness: .625″ – 2.625″
Short Return: 1.25″ – 6.25″
Long Return: 2.375″ – 17.25″
Corner Height: 1.75″ – 4.25″

Branch Location

Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Winnipeg

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