Shelter Cove Rivenwood

Shelter Cove Rivenwood is a panelized profile that pays homage to the craftsmanship found in 19th-century barns along the Atlantic coast. Its wood grain characteristics and surface details including nails, breaks and knots embody a captivating combination of traditional wood and modern textural touches. Shelter Cove Rivenwood is an organic grey with flashes of silver and light brown. 

Shelter Cove Rivenwood is manufactured by Eldorado Stone and is available in flats and corners from I-XL Building Products.





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Panel Size

H 4" x L 35.75" x W 0.75" – 1.75"

Eldorado Stone Technical Data Sheet

Manufactured Stone Veneer Installation Guide 5th Edition

Eldorado Stone Care & Maintenance

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