York Limestone

York Limestone is a tailored stone that conveys a traditional formality. It is a hand-dressed, chisel-cut textured stone rough-hewn into a rectangular ashlar profile. Limestone manufactured stone veneer is medium in scale and ranges from 2″ to 8″ in height and 4″ to 17″ in length, and has an average stone size of 6″ x 12″. The distinctive colour blend of York Limestone is a versatile palette ranging from lighter soft grays to light coffee, sienna rusts, and charcoal.

Height: 2.25″ – 8″
Length: 3.5″ – 17″
Thickness: 1″ – 2.5″
Short Return: 2.25″ – 4.25″
Long Return: 5.75″ – 16″
Corner Height: 3.75″ – 10.5″

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