Dark Ironspot

Dark Ironspot Brick is a black-coloured brick. Manufactured by Endicott, Dark Ironspot Brick is available in several sizes from I-XL Building Products.

Full Brick Sizes
Roman, Modular, Norman, Utility

Thin Brick Sizes

Branch Location

Saskatoon, Vancouver

Full Brick Sizes
Roman Modular Norman Utility
Height: 1.625″ Height: 2.25″ Height: 2.25″ Height: 3.625″
Length: 11.625″ Length: 7.625″ Length: 11.625″ Length: 11.625″
Thickness: 3.625″ Thickness: 3.625″ Thickness: 3.625″ Thickness: 3.625″
Thin Brick Sizes
Height: 2.25″
Length: 7.625″

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